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Etherea is proud to announce Donation Ranks!

You have asked, and we have responded. At STORE.PLAYETHEREA.NET, you can find a wonderfully wide array of donation ranks: Lunar, Spectral, Astral, and Ethereal!
Every donation helps the server to continue running and improve. Show us your support and acquire nifty perks such as:

• A super special prefix to flex with!
• The ability to use the /me ability to share your deepest feelings with the populace!
• Magical powers to change the colors of your signs and chat!
• One or more copies of your head, to really get a-head of the competition!
• The superb accomplishment of supporting the Etherea network!

With the purchase of a rank, you will also get a lovely role on our discord server, as well as the ability to converge with others of your kind!
Depending on the rank, you can also acquire Claim Blocks, Additional Sethomes, and in-game items such as Shulker Boxes, Tridents, and even Unbreakable Tools!
Take a moment and consider giving us some support. Thank you for playing on Etherea!

The terms and conditions can be read here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

- Vitrium, Fyresis, DarkStar and the rest of the staff team

Welcome to the Etherea website!

Here you can find all the important information regarding the server.

If you wish to contact the administration of this server,
we can be reached at the following e-mail address.

[email protected]

Thank you for playing on our server
- Vitrium, server owner

NOTE: The website is still in development and some features may be either unavailable or simply not working. Bear with us. ^^

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