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IGN: Vitrium
Discord: Vitrium#4539



IGN: DarkStar_98
Discord: Darkstar#4576

Hi everyone, my name is Diego, but you all probably know me better as your stalkery neighborhood Moderator, DarkStar_98. Usually people who have read Warriors think my name comes from that, but it actually comes from a character in Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story.

While playing Minecraft, I probably enjoy terraforming more than anything else, I pride myself on being able to create realistic looking environments, because honestly I’m not super good at redstone, farms, or building. There was one time I literally built a mountain from scratch, in survival, and that took me about a month and a half. I like to see the community come together and interact, whether it's through serious group projects or just goofing around.

Outside of the server, I have an actual life, I’m about to go into my senior year of college, finishing up a dual degree in Computer Science and Russian Studies. I’m 20 years old and still need to figure out what I’m about to spend my life doing, but I do have some fun hobbies. I like to read books, my favorite author is Brandon Sanderson, and I know a little too much about his books. Other than MC, I like to play Civ VI, Enter the Gungeon, Kerbal Space Program, Skyrim, and Fallout. I also play the ocarina, but have never played any Zelda games.

I started playing on Etherea when it opened up in February 2019, and I never expected that I would find a community like this one. I’m glad to have an opportunity to help everyone and keep the server safe, thanks for joining us!



Discord: DJKK#7961

Hello gamers!
My name on Etherea is DJKK, but you can call me DJ! DJKK is a name I used online back when I was in middle school and really into the game Animal Crossing; the name being a song title/NPC in the game.

I grew up on Nintendo titles, my favorite games are The Legend of Zelda games. LoZ Ocarina of Time was the first game I played, although LoZ Wind Waker was the first game I beat. I've always played an overall majority of single player games, and not a lot of fps or online. (I didn't have a lot of friends until high school.)

Since then, I picked up Minecraft in 2010 and have placed blocks and killed mobs ever since! Although I took some time off from gaming, I decided to hop back on Minecraft and dedicate myself to a server for the first time! I've made villages, castles, mountains, rivers, canyons, and a bunch more in Minecraft, and I'm so happy to share my creations here on Etherea with all of you!

In the offline world, my name is Kevin. I'm 20 years old as of writing this (Aug. 2019). I do decks, paint, and mow. I always have a busy mind and have to create new things. My real passion is in music and my favorite genres are rock, metal, and hip-hop/rap. I like to work, bike, and stay up way too late.

I joined Etherea in July, 2019 and I couldn't ask for a better server to staff for!

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