• This rule includes skins and IGN's too, if it's inappropriate you will be banned until it's changed.

• Profanity is allowed only in PM's if both players consent (see rule 2).

• Abbreviations that include or imply profanity cannot be used either.

• No flaming, flame-baiting, or trolling.

• Inherently controversial topics should be kept to a minimum.

• Any form of trade scamming is not allowed.

• Selling a copied map art without the author's permission is not allowed.

• Any builds considered inappropriate are not allowed and will be taken down.

• No copying skins or making similar IGNs to other players without their permission.

• Do not attempt to bypass /ignore.

• Advertising external servers/sites/accounts are not allowed, new players that log on and immediately advertise are permanently banned.

• Do not advertise Etherea Survival on other servers.

• Spam of any kind is not allowed. This includes character spam, repeated messages, begging for items, unnecessary space fillers (►, ▇, », etc) and overuse of striking colors.

• As a part of the spam rule, English must be used in public chat.

• Links are not allowed in chat.

• In-game trade advertisements must be limited to once every 10 minutes. Attempting to bypass the 10 mins by having multiple players advertise a single establishment is not allowed.

• Automatic/autokill, as well as fishing and gold farms, are not allowed.

• Only one iron farm per player/city, the farm may have no more than 4 villages.

• Please keep 30 entities or below per chunk.

• Areas that are creating significant lag and are affecting FPS due to entities/redstone/mobs must be modified or completely removed so they do not affect other players.

• AFKing at grinders is not allowed. Includes using alts/second accounts to activate spawners, even if you're playing on your main account, is not allowed.

• Redstone clocks cannot be left running at all times. Add a toggle to such circuits.

• You will lose all ores, valuables, spawners found in dungeons, armor, etc. if caught using an exploit/texture pack/unfair way of mining.

• Using known Minecraft exploits is not allowed.

• The only game modifications allowed are Optifine and shaders.

• Duping is not allowed.

• This rule applies to both unclaimed and claimed builds and their surrounding areas.

• When in doubt if an unclaimed build is abandoned and reclaimable, ask a moderator for a check. Even if the build is effectively abandoned, you're not allowed to loot it: any valuable items inside will first be removed and placed in the inactive player's inventory.

• Blocking public pathways, claims and warp exits is not allowed.

• Do not claim land within 100 blocks of another player's claim, unless it is within 500 blocks of an admin claim/warp.

• Land claims created in infringement of this rule will be removed at the other claim owner's request.

• The only exception to this rule is inappropriate IGN bans - if you're banned on your main account for having an inappropriate IGN, you can still play on an alt account.

• Warnings that are given to one account may also be given to alternate accounts.

• Players are not allowed to trade real money for in-game goods, or vice-versa, exception made for trading in-game goods for donations (ranks) in the Store.

• Offending players will be subject to punishment at the discretion of the server Staff, proportionally to the severity of the offense.

All rules are up to date and valid. Last updated: Oct 14, 2020


• Your account is your responsibility, if you allow others to play on it and they break a rule your account will be responsible, as we do not know who is playing it. Please keep this in mind.

• Bypassing bans with an alt is not allowed! If you are found to be playing on an alt while your main is banned the alt will be banned for the remaining time left on main accounts ban.

1. Flying/Modded Client

1st Offense: 7 Day Temporary Ban

2nd Offense: 21 Days

3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

2. X-Raying

1st Offense: 7 Day Temporary Ban, All Ores/Gems will be removed.

2nd Offense: 21 Days, All Ores/Gems will be removed.

3rd Offense: Permanent Ban, All Ores/Gems will be removed.

3. Advertising

New players that log on with no intent to play and advertise are banned permanently. Most of the time these bans are still permanent, except in cases where mods decide it isn't necessary.

4. Duping

1st Offense: 3 month ban, players trying to help others dupe can also be banned

2nd Offense: Permanent ban

5. WorldDownloader Mod

Instant 2 day ban

NOTE: When a player is permanently banned or banned for a period of 90+ days, all valuables will be lost.


• We take the time to think over the evidence and arguments from both sides.

• Once a moderator declares that a player has broken a rule, the decision is final.

• If a mod asks you to stop what you're doing, please stop. Failure to listen to a mod's request may result in punishment.




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